Tuesday, June 5, 2018

...and so it begins...

"if you're in pitch blackness, all you can do is sit tight until your eyes get used to the dark." 
(haruki marakami)

well, it took only one dose for the side effects to kick in.

by early evening yesterday, the joint/muscle aches had kicked in and i had a headache and chills.

by bedtime, i could barely move i hurt so bad.

this morning i woke up pretty sore (expected that) and then when i got up out of bed a tidal wave of nausea hit. oh, nausea - you are always such a pain in my ass. 

so i am of course already taking some meds to help with the side effects, and my nausea meds kicked in and took care of that eventually and the muscle aches were lessened some. 

so more pills on top of the pills i am already having to take. the irony of it all.

we figured out what timing would work best (but still be a pain in my butt) for taking the meds.

i am taking my first meds at 10am, which means i have to eat before 8am every morning and then not eat between 8am and 10am. i am taking my second dose at 10pm which means i need to eat dinner by 8pm and not eat between 8pm and 10pm. it was the only way that we could figure out i could keep it on the same schedule every single day and be 12 hours apart with the limitations i have (having to be on an empty stomach and taking them either an hour before i eat or two hours after i eat). so it is not convenient but no other schedule we could figure out would be convenient either and work for a 12 hour swing consistently on a daily basis. my last meds had a 12 hour swing but they were taken with food which made it easier, and i could taken them + or - 2 hours if needed. 

but i don't think that the word convenience coincides in any way with the word cancer anyways so none of this is a shocker.

so, here we are. the end of day 2. i have a headache, my joints and muscles hurt, and i am ready to call it a night.

onward to day 3...

thanks for all of you that have continued to sign up for the happy mail for beth (see last two posts if you need more info) -  you can sign up any time, just let me know. kerry is getting everything organized and will be assigning weeks and sending out more info later this week. happy mail has already started flowing to beth this week - you all ROCK (yes, i used all capitals. that is how good you all are).


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