Tuesday, April 24, 2018

for jennifer and michael (a call for support) + important notes

"scared is what you're feeling,
brave is what you're doing."
(emma donaghue)

if you have read this blog long enough, you know the story of jennifer and michael.

jennifer was diagnosed with cancer around the same time that i was. her husband michael and i used to work together years ago and even though we were adults at the time it kind of feels like we grew up together during those years. even though it has been years since we have worked at the same place, we are still the dearest of friends and i light up every time i get to see him (which is not often enough). i also light up every time that i get to see his lovely wife jennifer. but when I don't light up is when i know that jennifer is having to put on her boxing gloves to get in the ring with cancer again. you all know how i feel about that.

at the end of 2012, we did the first happy mail for jennifer campaign. today we start another one.

tomorrow (wednesday) at 7am jennifer and mike go in to start her treatment series at seattle cancer care alliance. jennifer is a teacher (you know, one of the most important jobs in the world) and due to her treatment, she has had to go out on leave for the rest of the year which i know is a huge disappointment because she loves teaching her kiddos.

please send all of your love, prayers, mojo and treatment their way that this new round of treatment does what it is supposed to. kick cancer in the ass and send it packing. for the final time.

as mike said to me today, "happy mail is about love. how do you say anything but yes to love?"

i could not agree with him more.

so i know that you all know how this works now from the recent posts about kaylee and lisa. my dear friend kristy is going to help me coordinate this round of the happy mail campaign for jennifer. but i am also going to ask that we do something a little different this round. let's send happy mail to jennifer, but let's also send it to mike. there is a reason that the caregivers of cancer patients are called the "invisible patients" because of what they go through to help the patient, and everything they go through to deal with their own feelings, etc.

so if you are up for sending two pieces of happy mail in a week (one to jennifer, one to mike) we would love to have you join us on this campaign. you have seen pictures of how all of those cards look on lisa's mantle. you have heard about how happy the mail makes kaylee each week. you all are making such a difference in the world. i know that it is one more thing to add to everyone's busy plate, but i think that it is one of the most important things that you can add to your plate. reaching out and connecting to another human you may or may not know just to say "you are not alone in this" is one of the best things i think you can do with your time.

i hope you will join us.

so get in touch with me if you are in, and i will hook you up with kristy and she will get you all organized and ready to go.

thank you from the very bottom of my heart.

and to jennifer and michael - i couldn't love you more than i do. i am sending you everything i have got, and i know that those reading this are sending everything they have got too.

where you fight, we fight.

gloves up. xoxo

important notes:
+++ tomorrow my dad-in-law mike goes in for knee surgery at 7am in kirkland, please send him prayers, mojo and love for a successful surgery so he is up and causing trouble in no time. thank you.
+++ kaylee started radiation this week so keep sending her all of your mojo.
+++ beth signed her trial papers today, will get her port in next week, and will start chemo after that. more soon on how we can help her - i asked her today if she would like us to each show up each week to do singing telegrams, i will let you know when she confirms with me on that;)
+++ a lovely woman named erin won the photo giveaway last friday and already picked and has received her cards;) my sister and i will do more giveaways in the future so stay tuned. thanks so much to everyone who entered in and was supportive of my sister's photography and cards, you all rock.
+++ i am still celebrating mary getting the all clear last week with her melanoma scans. so, so awesome.
+++ you all are the best.


  1. I'd love to send happy mail to Jennifer & Mike, if I can. (Sorry for the delay - just getting caught up! If you want to just always add me to your happy mail campaigns, I'm happy to participate ... or I can sign up, too, if that's easier!)

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