Monday, April 30, 2018

treatment day + michael and jennifer + send the good vibes to beth this week

today was treatment day for yours truly and it was a long one. we were at seattle cancer care alliance for almost 9 hours by the time was all said and done. bloodwork. appointments. infusion. wait period after infusion to ensure that i don't have any reactions. but one more down and am thankful that my blood and my organs cooperated so i could go another round.

i will have scans on the 11th (how are they already coming up again?? scanxiety is already kicking in per usual) and we will get results on the 14th. more on that between now and then for sure, but would definitely love it if you would start to kick the good mojo my way for those scans coming up.

thank you to all who have signed up for the happy mail for michael and jennifer. you all are rock stars. if you haven't met them, i thought that you might like to see the people you are sending some love to. mike posted this picture of jennifer over the weekend and i love it because she is smiling and you can see her good energy and spunkiness (and cancer ass kickerness).

mike is way taller than me. so at a recent work event we were at, i got on the chair so that for once in my life i could be taller than him. it was a good, good moment for me.
if you have already signed up to send these two cuties happy mail, you will hear from kristy soon. if you haven't yet but would like to, please let me know and i will connect you with kristy and she will give you all the scoop and assign you a week. how can you not look at these two kids and not want to send a little love their way? i don't know either.

i also want to ask for love, prayers and mojo for beth. she has scans this week prior to the start of chemo and gets her port put back in on friday. start kicking up all the good vibes you have got for that girl.

i got an update on kaylee today and she completed 5 rounds of radiation last week. she is traveling from her home in auburn to seattle children's for each round. she will do the same again this week. i hear that she is handling her treatment well - go kaylee go! thanks again to all who signed up to send her happy mail - this is my week for sending happy mail to her and i am looking forward to brightening one of her days this week.

so clearly a lot of your love and good vibes are needed in the pacific northwest in the coming weeks and months. so kick it into high gear, we all need it.

there are a lot of gloves (more than there should need to be) going up around here.

anywhere we fight, you fight.


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