Sunday, April 8, 2018

proud little sister

"a strong woman looks a challenge in the eye and gives it a wink"
(gina carey)

this weekend i got to spend friday and saturday with my sister and her card and photo print booth at an arts and craft fair in pullman.

this is the largest event she has done to date, and i know that it takes a lot of courage to put your photography out there to the world and show them the work you have done.

my sister is an amazing photographer and i wish that every one of you could have come by to see her work. she really has such a great eye for photo taking and seeing shots/views that i don't think a lot of others would see.

i am always proud of her every single day.

but i was even more proud to stand by her for these two days and get to tell people when they asked who the photographer was to point to my sister and say "my awesome sister".

malena hung out with us all weekend too and was our helper getting the prints/cards in bags for the customers and restocking shelves. i love that she will carry the memories of seeing her aunt nise (as she calls her, denise being her actually name, though her nick name has always been "nerd" for me as long i can remember) show her photography to the world and getting to point to her aunt when people asked who took the photos.

i know that it takes guts and courage to go after and pursue the dreams you want to chase. not to mention a hell of a lot of time and hard work.

and this weekend i got to stand next to her while my sister chased a dream she has had for awhile now.

i couldn't be prouder of her and the role model she sets for my daughter and all the women we know. including myself.

she is thinking about staring an etsy shop, if that happens, you know i am going to be linking to that on this blog. if you want more info on her art in the meantime, you know how to get in touch with me and i will connect you with her.

hope your weeks all get off to a good start. xo

super duper important sidenotes:
++ beth's appointment with her oncologist is on tuesday - keep sending all of your mojo and love her way.
++ thank you to everyone who has signed up for the happy mail campaign for Kaylee, you all are the best.
++ tomorrow lisa has a birthday, join me in wishing her an upcoming year free of cancer and treatments and just one full of recovery and feeling better and continue to knit her heart out:)
++ my friend mary goes in for her annual scans and tests for her melanoma on the 18th, start kicking up the vibes now - i will be reminding you to put them into full strength mode as we get closer.
++ you all rock. as always.

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  1. You are the world's best cheerleader
    ❤❤❤ ~ Nerd