Thursday, April 23, 2015

happy mail

ok peeps, i am feeling like we need to add a little happiness and good vibes to the world between now and my scans.

here is my idea, hope you want to be part of it.

i am going to have a mini happy mail pen pal exchange for the next two weeks.

all you have to do is send someone 2 pieces of happy mail in the next two weeks. it can be a card, a postcard, a little note written on a post-it note, some kind words on the back of a receipt, whatever you want it to be. the point is to send some mail out into the world that will make someone else a little bit happier when they open their mailbox.

if you want to be in on this happy mail fun, get in touch with me. leave a comment on the blog, email me, text me, message me, trip me when i walk by you, leave a trail of jelly beans, hold out a cup of green tea in front of my get the idea, any way you know to get my attention is a great way to let me know that you want to participate.

let me know by friday if you are in. i will match people up over the weekend and send you the name and address of your pen pal.

let's get some good energy heading out into the world.

who is in?

ps) please send good vibes to mary in wisconsin who expects to get the biopsy results today (which i know will be clear and not have any signs of melanoma) and to my cousin karen who is starting to have effects from the treatments she started on monday. lots of love needed today, as always.


  1. I am in. Love to do happy mail and my craft room is ready to get messy and inky!