Sunday, April 26, 2015

around here

around here we had a good weekend, full of great things just as i like weekends to be.

around here i got to have a lunch date and dinner date with two of my friends. i love being able to catch up and talk one on one to download on the latest and greatest (and even the not so great stuff sometimes too).

around here we had campout nights. i woke up this morning and thought that it will be so strange when she no longer likes to have campout nights and we sleep in our own beds on friday and saturdays. i hope that time doesn't come for a long time, i will miss these days.

around here i got nine more miles in of training for the half-marathon.

around here barrett and i got three hours for a date night to catch up on one of your favorite shows (if any of you aren't watching "blacklist", you should be) we haven't got to watch in a while, and maybe drink a cider too;)

around here i got some qt in my craft room and it was awesome. that room is just magical for me and makes all of the stresses melt away while i am working with paper, stamps, and pens.

around here i finished reading the fringe hours (which will be a post on all its own - hint, i really liked it) and am super excited to start me before you which i have heard really, really good things about (and that i will need a box of kleenex).

around here we are eating strawberries and angel food cake on a regular basis and loving it.

around here i am thinking that the show "lip sync battle" is pretty awesome. i have to admit, i kind of love watching super funny lip sync battles done by celebrities. ok, now my secret is out.

around here i am working on matching up pen pals for the happy mail exchange. for those of you who signed up, you will get your pen pal's info on monday. super excited about all of the happy mail that will be making its way across the country in the next two weeks.

around here i talked to my mom and we got some really good laughs in. loved that. my sides might still hurt a little bit.

around here we had some epic tickle fights, and my girl teamed up with her dad. clearly i need to work more on her being clear that girls must unite in tickle fights.

around here i am kind of wishing that monday would have taken longer to get here.

around here i am wishing you a great start to your week.

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