Monday, April 6, 2015

around here

around here i have been battling a bug that has been doing its best to kick my you-know-what for the last couple of weeks.

around here i have been crashing as soon as malena does (which my brother will be pretty happy about) but that has meant that i am getting about zero done at the end of each day (hence no posts in this space for a while).

around here i am missing writing in this space, it is always one of the first things to drop off when life gets too busy or i am sick, which is always disappointing because it is one of the things i like to do the most.

around here i had a great easter weekend full of friends and family.

around here i might have ate enough of my mom's awesome eggs benedict that i probably do not need to eat for the rest of the week. her easter breakfast is so good.

around here i was reminded of how good hot tamale jelly beans are and that it kind of sucks that they only are out at easter time. i might need to be making some post-easter candy purchases before they are all gone.

around here i haven't been able to run for two weeks due to the bug. today i put my shoes on and we hit the pavement for a 3 miler. it felt good but it was a total grind (my lungs and my legs were not entirely sure what was going on), i could definitely tell that i have not been running in two weeks. ugh, time to rebound. big time.

around here i got the news today that my scans will be 5/12 and the results will be 5/13.

around here that news makes me want to curl up in a little ball and hope with everything i have that time will stand still.

around here i am wondering how it is possible that 5 months have gone so quickly, and how it is possible that i am within weeks of going through dreaded scans again.

around here i know that the nightmares are going to start kicking in with a vengeance, my pre-scan anxiety will skyrocket and my patience level will plummet.

around here i am going to do my best to take deep breaths and keep taking it day by day.

around here i am pissed off at cancer.

around here i will keep carrying on.

around here that is the only option.

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