Thursday, April 16, 2015

for the fighters

yesterday we got a training run in and i shared the above picture on my instagram account with the following message "this training run was dedicated to my friend jenny meyerson, who like the purple tulip, is one of a kind. she marks a ten year remission anniversary today, she is a cancer ass kicker. keep on keeping on jenny. you are an inspiration every single day, and you give hope on the darkest ones."

days when remissions are celebrated are pretty damn awesome. i love those days and the people that i love that are celebrating them. so happy for jenny and her family and hope that she marks that anniversary for many, many more years to come.

some love and vibes are needed today for others currently in the fight.

my friend mary found another lump within her leg as she was recovering from her recent surgery to remove a melanoma tumor from her leg. so she goes in today for a biopsy with her dermatologist. please send tons of good vibes and love to wisconsin today that this lump turns out to not be cancer. you have got this mary, i know that for sure -- and if needed (though i hope with everything that i have that it won't be needed), i know that you will again kick the black beast out of town. jimmy and i are rooting for you;)

my cousin karen goes into today for her prep appointment for chemo. karen starts five weeks for radition on monday, with chemo happening once a week. as karen gets ready to move through the weeks ahead, please send her your love and prayers. you can do this karen, one step in front of the other, one day at a time. keep breathing.

there are so many that are in the fight, either going through treatment or finding their way through life on the other side of treatment (love you beth -- xoxo). i wish that i could wrap each of them up in bubble wrap and protect them from it all. but as we all know, they don't make human size bubble wrap (tho they totally should, right? or maybe i should stay home from work today and invent that?).

so the best wrap we can use is love, prayers, encouragement, hugs, and whatever else can be done to make things a little bit easier for them and to let them know that they are loved.

thanks for all the love and prayers for mary and karen today, i deeply appreciate it, and i know that they do as well.

go fighters go.

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