Friday, April 24, 2015

for mary

mary got the news yesterday that the lump in her leg is melanoma.

damn it.

in addition to it being back at all, it also really pisses me off that this new lump appeared as she was recovering from her surgery just weeks ago. the fact that the scans before her surgery didn't show the melanoma and then the lump appeared as she was recovering shows how fast the black beast moves.

when i got home yesterday, i needed to get a training run in which was good because i needed some fresh air and some pavement to work out of some of my frustration on.

at one point, i looked up and saw a heart in the clouds.
 a few minutes later, i saw a rainbow that had just showed up in the sky.
both the heart and rainbow were signs to me of hope and confirmation that mary is going to kick melanoma's ass this time just like she has every other time. i already knew that all on my own, but a couple of signs in the sky are good double confirmation. seeing a unicorn would have just about made it perfect;)

mary likes to run, but obviously with having tumors removed from her leg her ability do that has been affected.

as i was thinking about her on my run last night, i decided that since she can't run these days, i can run for her.

like i did when i dedicated the 10k run last summer to rabi, i am going to dedicate this half-marathon run to mary. one way or the other, i will cross the finish line at the 13.1 mile mark for her.

i have added her initials to the toes of my running shoes so that i can visually be reminded of her when i am running. if you remember from when i talked about the 10k run and putting rabi's name on my running shoes, i tend to look at my feet from time to time when running, and definitely when slogging up a a big hill because it is easier than looking at how much distance i still have to climb. i just look at my feet and watch them make progress with each and every step.

i know that you have got this mary, no doubt about it. you will kick it just like you have every other time. that i know for sure.

i also know that i will carry you with me on every training mile between now and that start line, and then for the 13.1 miles until i cross that finish line.

so get ready, we have a lot of pavement to cover, but i know that you are up for this challenge just like every other one you have faced.

i hope that this weekend brings you all a chance to make some new memories that your heart can hold on to.

+++ reminder -- if you want to be part of the happy mail pen pal exchange, let me know today, i will be matching up pen pals this weekend. xo

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  1. Thank you so much, Alli! Your kind words and support have meant the world to me. I really hope we get to meet up in real time this summer! Keep running and kick the beast to the curb!!