Friday, February 27, 2015

good vibes

as we head into this weekend, there are definitely a lot of good vibes needed and i know that you all are the right ones to ask.

in an amazing turn of events, the young mom that i wrote about earlier this week - shannon - has improved and is being sent back home from hospice care. she is doing well enough that her docs are going to let her try another melanoma treatment while she is home bound. so incredible. so please send her and her family a ton of good vibes and prayers that she continues to hold her own and that she gets more time to be with her young daughter and family.

my friend mary who i have wrote about many times on this blog (and who many of you have sent happy mail to) found out yesterday that a nodule on her leg is melanoma. in the kind of messed up craziness that is melanoma, she had a dermatology appointment on the 9th which was all clear, and then she felt the lump on saturday and got in right away to have a biopsy done. she is waiting to hear when the scans will be to confirm if it is only in her ankle (i totally know that will be the case). please send her good vibes and prayers that she continues to kick the black beast where it hurts. i know that you have got this mary, you have kicked it in the you-know-what many times before, this time will be no different.

my cousin karen has an appointment this morning to determine the extent of cancer that she was recently diagnosed with. she is simultaneously recovering from the biopsy procedure which (as they always are) was not a fun process and the same is true for the recovery. please send her good vibes and prayers that the biopsies are clear. you have got this karen, one step in front of the other, we love you.

please also continue to send good vibes and prayers to judy who is finishing her six weeks of radiation treatments. may the treatments do what they are intended to do, and may her recovery from the treatments go as well as possible.

so as this week heads into the weekend, there are definitely a lot of vibes, mojo, and prayers needed. you guys make magic happen all the time, i know that this time will be the same.

i hope that you have a good weekend.

may it include the making of some new good memories that you can hold on tight to.

always, always hold on tight.

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