Thursday, February 5, 2015


oh friday.

you took your own sweet time to get here.

you really dragged this one out. getting yelled at by someone super unhappy about one of my projects (and it happening by about 9am which makes me want to automatically take the rest of the day off. why did i not do that??). strep throat notification from malena's kindergarten classroom. perfect. lice notification from malena's kindergarten classroom. my worst nightmare (please, please, please lice fates, i am begging you to spare us on this one - pretty sure that we can all agree i have enough on my plate without adding lice to it. please and thank you. did i mention that i am begging?). oh, and you know that those two notices came within a 24 hour period because we can't have less than 5 things circulating in the class at any given time. crazy traffic everywhere i went, making me late everywhere i went. love staring at brake lights as seconds of my life tick by (in opposite land). stepping out of my car into a massive puddle (with flats on so my feet and shoes were immediately soaked. no problem, i wanted to walk around in wet shoes all evening so it couldn't have worked out better). the straw from my berry smoothie falling out of my glass and onto my gray pants, as i am driving to work (yep, just like being yelled at, awesome way to start the day. i was on my way to work, isn't that punishment enough? apparently not).

so all in all friday, i am happy to see you. i am sure that you will bring some drama my way, but you will also bring down time (after i get the hell out of the office), campouts, time with my family, and other good things (aka anything that doesn't include lice).

happy weekend peeps - i hope that it is a good one for you, and i will raise a cider (or two...ok, let's be honest, i deserve three after this week) to you.

make it a good one. xo

sidenote: one of the best runs of a 13 minute stretch of time this week was watching this jimmy fallon lip sync battle with will farrell and kevin hart. so, so good. (mary - i totally get why jimmy is your favorite tv boyfriend;) xoxo)

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  1. I use Jimmy Fallon as my anti-anxiety pill as well as eye candy😋 Hang in there! Better days ahead!!!!