Tuesday, February 3, 2015

world cancer day

february 4th. world cancer day.

a day when the cancer gets a little more attention than usual, and is hopefully brought to the forefront in ways that make a difference in the lives of those fighting cancer, those that have loved ones that have fought, and those that have finished their fights.

as this day rolls around this year, it finds me in my typical three month from/to scan time. when i start to get very anxious that three months have already gone by, and i know that the next three months will go by even faster. the months leading into scans always do. time goes so damn fast when you want to really live and take in each and every moment.

the typical signs of the three month mark have started. feeling worn down. short temper. very anxious. can't sit still. low patience. all kinds of fun things. but i just need to get over this hump and i will get my head back in the game. these times are always tough, and they always get better. i will roll through this period just like i always do. even fighters need down days, i think that the down days are sometimes the exact thing you need to catch your breath and pick yourself back up a little stronger than the day before.

stand up to cancer is having a #kisscancergoodbye campaign and you know that i am all over that. i would love nothing more than to kiss it goodbye, not just for myself but for everyone.

so on this world cancer day, please send some love out into the world.

until there is a cure for all cancers, the world will continue to need a whole lot of love.

we all need that, right?

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