Wednesday, March 4, 2015


i haven't had a chance to catch up to this space in the last few days.

mostly for good reasons.

weekend on the east side of the mountains. girl time. hike on a gorgeous day. eating really good food. tons of laughter. drinking some ciders. eating some great chocolate (and maybe a couple of jelly beans too). reading my book. watching malena make chinese dumplings for the first time and learning about the chinese new year. playing veterinarian. hugs. smiles. tickle fights.  gymnastics lessons. going for some runs. all the good stuff.

then there has been work. enough said.

somewhere in the blur of the last week or two, i listened to this podcast.

there were a lot of things that i loved about it, and a couple of key things that will stick with me.

in the podcast he talks living life with more "oh wells" instead of "what ifs" -- i love that, giving something a try and being able to say "oh well" rather than "what if" if i had never tried it is something i will definitely keep with me.

he also talks about "multi-tasking" and that it is really is "switch-tasking" and i thought it was really interesting to hear about the productivity loss that comes from moving from one task to another. maybe i should just nap all of the time.

happy thursday all, this week is flying by. a big shout out to my two lovely friends beth and tami that have birthdays today - love you both! enjoy your days! xo

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