Monday, February 9, 2015


when we were eating dinner tonight malena told us that a boy in her class asked her to marry him and be his girlfriend (and told her that he had a crush on her). he might have wanted to start with just one question, but hey, i do appreciate someone who lays out their goals and works hard to make them happen.

that said, malena told us that she told him that she would think about it. i like a girl who takes her time making big life decisions.

when i asked her why she said that she would need to think about it, she said that he gets zapped a lot in class and so she isn't sure if she wants to say yes to being his girlfriend.

you get zapped (basically get your star for the day taken away) when you aren't paying attention, talking when the teacher is talking, etc.

this is where if you could see me now, you would see me doing high fives in the air (yep, i don't need anyone to actually high five with) and taking a bow.

mom - 1 (dad may think he has something to do with this, but i think that we all know who gets this point),  six year old boys of the universe - 0.

she is 6 and thinking twice about boys who get zapped.

i can call it a day folks, my work is done here.

and to all those little 6 year old boys, let's chat in 20 years when you stop getting zapped.

and to my little girl, our chat today was one of my most favorite ones yet.

thank you for the awesome memory, and for being smart enough to take your time to think twice about boys that get zapped.

i appreciate you not rushing to the aisle, i am not quite ready to pick out that wedding dress with you.

but i dream about it all the time.

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