Monday, December 15, 2014


friday night we lost power (no clue why since it was about 24 hours after the massive storm had passed through). so we hung out by flashlight and right as we were about to drag ourselves to bed, boom, the lights come on. by that time it was about 9:30pm, but when the lights came on malena's energy went through the rooftop. "please!!! please!!! can we do our gingerbread house??!!??" of course we can, so we rallied and we busted out an awesome house. totally worth the lack o' sleep.

the weekend continued with breakfast at our favorite place, and a trip downtown to check out the holiday gingerbread houses and the carousel. december traditions, love them. in some ways, it feels like it has been so long since we were there last year, and in others, it feels like the blink of an eye. maybe that is because i feel the same way as last year, so thankful for being able to be here and asking the fates to make the same possible next year. always my biggest christmas wish and the kind that i would tell santa if i could sit on his lap.

a cheerful dessert party with good friends and swim lessons rounded out a great saturday.

sunday started out with a blue sky morning and a cold 5k run in downtown seattle. it was super cold, but we did it. it was a ton of fun to get to run with friends and see some of the runners in their awesome costumes. my favorites were some girls dressed as olaf and the guy with them who was dressed as elsa - it was so funny and i loved it! of course, we ended our race at the "cheer garden" with a complimentary hard cider -- yep, even when freezing, on an empty stomach, after running 3.2 miles, at 9am...i am not going to turn down a free cider. yes, please. it tasted pretty good -- maybe i have a new drink in the morning instead of green tea? hmmm....

lastly (but definitely not least), i also wanted to say that one of the best highlights from the weekend were the good reports from judy. she is doing really well so far with her recovery in the hospital, and is improving each and everyday. go judy go!! keep the good vibes and prayers coming her way -- they are working!

happy tuesday peeps, this means we are almost to wednesday, which means we are almost half way to friday, which means the weekend will be here in four days. i am excited about that, can you tell?

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