Monday, December 1, 2014



so much to be thankful for in the last few days.

campouts. tickle fights. tons of family time. laughter, tons of laughter. hugs. smiles. hard ciders. some of my favorite foods. turkey sandwiches. trying out new recipes and loving them. friends. finding some perfect christmas presents. watching the macy's parade on tv in our pjs, thanksgiving morning traditions. the joy in finding some rainboots that lit up my day because they were so colorful. seeing the pacific ocean on a blue sky day. sleeping next to malena in the bed that i slept in when i was a kid, crazy how big it seemed to me then and how small it seems to me now.

just overall thankful. for more time. for good scan results. for hope. for the days to come. for every second of it, everything before now and everything to come.

as i awoke to the news on sunday morning that my dear friend's mom has been diagnosed with cancer, i was also thankful. thankful that i know that they will be surrounded by a ton of prayers and love. as this woman who i have known since i was a kid gets ready to start her fight with cancer, i wonder why yet another person has to be affected by cancer. why. we will never know the answer to that question. so the best we can do is show up, give our love, send our prayers, and be there no matter what comes. i am thankful that i am here to show up for them. i will be asking you to show up and give your prayers  and mojo next week when the time for surgery comes, and for the days of the fight to follow.


in the midst of all of the chaos and the hurt and the pain that life brings our way, there is always so damn much to be thankful for.

the shit and the joy.

both part of life, one makes us appreciate the other so much more than we would otherwise.

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