Wednesday, December 24, 2014

merry christmas

as i type this, the house is still quiet and she sleeps, he wraps up work, and i do the same.

i look forward to the days to come. time with family. laughter. leaving cookies out for santa and apples for  his reindeer. the magic that comes when she walks downstairs christmas morning to see what santa brought. the questions about how he is going to fit down the chimney. listening for his sleigh bells in the night (i can rememberly so vividly laying awake and listening so hard to hear those bells when i was a kid). the great food. the present exchanges. the christmas lights on the tree. every aspect of all that is to come this week and next as we ring in a new year.

i am so thankful for another holiday season, for being here to enjoy it all over again. i am so very lucky.

so i will hold my loved ones close, say my thanks and prayers, and savor every moment of it. i will also think of those that are missing their loved ones this season, those that have finished their fights, and those whose holidays aren't what they would wish for them to be as they are in the midst of their battles.

i wish you all a very merry christmas.

may it remind you to believe in magic.

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