Tuesday, December 9, 2014

this one is for judy


i told you all last week that i was going to ask you to show up for a special person this week.

today is that day.

judy is the beautiful woman in this picture, and she is the mom of my dear friend kris. kris and i were pretty much inseparable throughout most of high school.

judy was a like a second mom to me throughout those years, their house was my second home.

in june of this year, judy experienced some issues with her gums. after she sought help from six different doctors and a dentist, she finally found the one who made the correct diagnosis just about two weeks ago.

cancer in her jaw. unthinkable.

luckily, her scans have indicated that the cancer has not spread. so, so thankful for that news.

on wednesday morning, she will go in at 5:30am for a 10 hour surgery. her surgery is going to require two surgical teams. they are going to remove the necessary part of her jawbone, and reconstruct it by doing a graft from her leg.

the surgery is complicated, and her recovery is going to be long.

we need your prayers, mojo, good vibes, and love for judy and the entire family as tomorrow dawns and judy begins her fight.

i know that the surgery will be successful, and i know that she is going to beat this.

i already told the cancer fates that is how this is going to go down, so they are clear on that plan.

i just wish there never had to be a plan associated with cancer and judy.

but we now know that wish won't come true, but the wish that she recovers well and beats this will.

i am counting on that.

thanks for all of the love and prayers that you are going to send their way, i will give an update tomorrow night. xo

+++ love you kris, you can do this. that i know for sure. keep breathing and taking it one day at a time. xo

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