Thursday, December 4, 2014

goodbye november

"life is grace. sleep is forgiveness.
the night absolute.
darkness wipes the slate clean,
not spotless to be sure,
but clean enough for another day's chalking."
(frederick buechner)
i went to town on my november to do list.
as you can see, i did not quite hit the 50 mile mark on exercise, but i did hit 42.86 miles (yes, the tenths of a mile are super important). but not too shabby considering that we made the goal on the 7th of the month. without that goal of 50 miles, there definitely would have been days that i would not have gone outside to run because it was super cold. but then i thought about that goal, i bundled up, and hit the pavement (and was maybe muttering to myself about why in the hell i thought that goal was a good idea;)).
although super tough to get through, i was able to drink the couple of hard ciders. whew, that was a challenge. but i dug deep, preservered, and made it happen. no goal is too big for me.
i braved the department of licensing (i am pretty sure that i was the only one there voluntarily that did not have to get a renewal) and that  adventure will be its own blog post.
i ordered the chatbooks to have all of my pictures from my instagram account documented in book form and they are so cool. i will share those in an upcoming post too. and if you aren't on instagram, you should be. just sayin'.
on thanksgiving, you could pretty much call me betty crocker as my friend sasha and i made apple pecan pies. you guys, they were so good. favorite new dessert for the win. yum.
you already have my download on wonder and i am now on to amy poehler's yes please and as i anticipated, it is awesome.
the other goals got busted out as well, minus the one about framing some new prints. i know that one isn't going to happen in december (i have more important things to do like eat candy while making gingerbread houses), so i am going to go ahead and plan on that one showing up on my january goal list.
so november, that my friend is a wrap.
look out december, i am coming for you.
+++ this print. i am totally in love with it. how great would it be if that was the answer everyone gave to that question?

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  1. Love that you post the goals and the follow up at the end of the month. Hooray to finishing those ciders. Hannah and I always seem more than willing to cheer you on via Instagram:)