Monday, July 14, 2014

these days + sharon

these last couple of days have been filled with many good things.

a visit with beth. my mom's hamburgers, so good. gluten free cupcakes with raspberries that malena picked earlier in the day. campouts. seeing my friend chris marry the one she is meant to be with. hanging out for three days with my mom (who happens to also be a great wedding date). berry mimosas. omelette with roasted potatoes and gluten free toast. checking out artists showing their amazing work. a frozen yogurt pit stop. sunday night dinner with family, with more good burgers. a walk outside with malena as our tour guide. getting some things checked off of the to-do list with my mom's help. laughing with my mom,  especially when we get going and just can't quite stop. watching malena jump, cartwheel, and swing - i love to watch her at gymnastics. monday night picnic at the park. quinoa salad. blueberries. blackberries. strawberries. mango. getting a 2.5 mile run in to end the day. some happy mail in the mailbox.

on tuesday i plan to add one more good thing to my list which would be good test results for sharon. she is going in tuesday at 11:30 to get the results of her latest blood draw, and i just know that those tumor markers are going to be super low. please send her good vibes, mojo and prayers for good news. you've got this sharon, i just know it -- you will keep up our run of good luck;) give cancer a huge kick in the you-know-what.

happy tuesday peeps, hope yours is filled with some good things too. xo

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