Thursday, July 17, 2014

day one

well day one of 39 didn't turn out quite how i had planned it out.

due to one problem after another, the day turned into what felt like an endless string of things going wrong. it started off with a 6am sunrise run which felt like the perfect way to kick of this year, and then slowly the day started to unwind from there.

but while the unraveling was occurring, i got a ton of love and birthday wishes from across the country (my friend kirsten in texas had a picnic with her kids in my honor) and the world (my dear friend mike spelled out my name YMCA- style in front of the eiffel tower which is just about the coolest thing ever) from family and friends.

the day wrapped up with a quiet picnic dinner on our patio with the deck lights on and just the three of us. some good food, some laughs thanks to malena entertaining us with a microphone and music box, and even some sprinkles on that piece of cake.

day one of 39 done, looking for forward to day two through four.

they will include catching up with a dear friend i haven't seen in a year, some girl time, my dad making some of his famous bbq burgers, my mom making her famous red velvet birthday cake for me (haven't decided yet if i am going to share), lots of family time, campouts, cartoons, and many other good things.

i hope that your weekend is a good one too. xo

+++ the winner of the "kicking ass and taking names" card giveaway is ann -- congrats! they will be on their way to you soon;) xo