Thursday, July 24, 2014

some link love for the weekend

a little list of some things i have been liking lately...

+++ i thought this post was a good one, and my brother will like it since it supports going to bed and getting rest;)
+++ i am pretty sure that a pair of these shoes were meant to belong on my feet. yep, pretty sure about that.
+++ i love this way of capturing the comparison and would love to do a layout like this for malena & i in our photo album
+++ i have never really been inspired to make my own jam (probably because i am spoiled by the awesome jam my mom makes) but i seriously considered trying it out when i read about this strawberry jam experience (ps - her shop has really awesome designs for place clothing)
+++ i want to see this movie (and so i didn't actually read all of the info here because that would ruin it)
+++ we are pretty excited that project runway is back on -- as you know, we love that show. tonight was the season premiere and malena was all over it. she got her sketch book out and designed an awesome dress for her first look for the season. so awesome.

+++ we had a girls date night last night with our favorite movie friends and watched this movie and loved it - and our big tub of popcorn.
+++ any post that has a title of i believe i can make good things happen is one that i know i am going to enjoy reading.
+++ i love quinoa so this recipe is definitely on my list.

hope you all have a great weekend. ours is going to include a starbucks date, baking cupcakes, a road trip, good times with cousins, campouts (maybe even in a tent this time), bbq, swimming, birthday party, laughter, new memories, and maybe a (or three) cider;)

have a good one peeps. xo

important sidenote:
+++ thanks to all of you that connected with me about being a helper for becky. xo

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