Wednesday, July 2, 2014


hello summer, good to see you.

we have had some nice weather around here lately which is always a good reminder of how amazing the summers are in the pacific northwest.

i am looking forward to all of the fun things to come in the next couple of months, lots of plans that will create a lot of great memories.

over the next couple of days, we are going to lay pretty low and focus on projects that have been on our to do list for a while. but there will also be some fun in the mix as well, and you know there will be campouts and time out on our deck with my lights (man, i am so in love with those lights).

also, here are a couple of things i have been liking lately...
+++ i have added daring greatly and girl boss to my book list after reading so many good reviews on both. more time to read, that is one of my summer goals that i am going to make happen.
+++ i would love to do a photo comparison like this one of what malena & i are each into these days.
+++ i think this is such a great idea and i plan on asking malena some questions soon for an addition to our photo album
+++ i thought about our couch when i read ali's post about her table, might be writing a blog on that soon.
+++ on a day like today filled with lots of tears due to classroom transitions, when we try our best to find some kind of balance in the day, this letter pretty much sums it up.
+++ the posts on kelly purkey's blog are making me want to jump on a plane to paris, immediately.
+++ i pretty much want to stay home all day and work on all 15 of these

i hope that you have a great and safe 4th, and if you need a fun drink to make at a bbq, these look pretty good. xo

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