Thursday, July 10, 2014

movie fun + mary

one of my favorite summer activities is seeing a movie outside at the park. getting cozied up in chairs with blankets. eating popcorn (and maybe some trail mix with m&ms in it). watching the sun go down. i pretty much love every part of it (minus the porta potties and mosquitos). this time we saw "frozen" (for the millionth time) and it was as good as it always is - i heart olaf and warm hugs. it was a great way to wrap up the middle of the week.

tomorrow mary is going to meet with the oncologist at the cancer center in florida to get her second opinion. so please send your love, mojo, and good vibes her way as she hears what his thoughts are on her fight with the black beast. whatever it is that he tells her, i hope that it allows her to go on a path forward that puts her mind at ease that she is moving in the right direction to kick cancer in the you-know-what.

our weekend around here will be full of good things, i hope that yours will be as well. xo

ps) kevin sheehan -- since you haven't called us yet, does this mean you really aren't going to pick us up and take us to the airport?;) xo

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  1. What a crazy world we live in. It's amazing. I was just thinking about calling you this morning ... WHAT A COINCIDENCE THAT IS!!! When are you leaving???

    Yours pestulently,