Sunday, June 9, 2013

weekend, you rocked

this weekend rocked, it included:

+++ a friday afternoon off from work with my friend kerry, including an awesome lunch, some shopping, and facials. perfect way to kick off the weekend.
+++ girl date night with my friend michelle at ipic in redmond. i have to say that watching a good movie, while sitting in a recliner, with a blanket, eating popcorn and drinking reisling (yes, it has sugar, and yes, it tasted damn good, and yes, once in a very rare while i give myself a little treat, and yes, i agree with you - i deserve it), is really the only way to see a movie. unless we have our kids with us, i am pretty sure that all of our movie dates will now be at that location. so fun. btw, if you are looking for a good movie, we thought that great gatsby was fantastic.
+++ watching my nephew graduate from cwu. so proud of him, he has done an awesome job and i can't wait to see where life takes him and his little man isidro. a saturday focused on a huge family milestone surrounded by my immediate family. loved it.

+++ today was the shore walk 5k to raise funds for fred hutchinson cancer center. the third annual event for our team "alli's angels" which continues to grow each year. this year we were 32 strong, including some team members that got to ride in backpacks and strollers. it is so great to be surrounded by so many family members and friends for this annual tradition. it is also always a little bittersweet and tough for me, for the same reasons it is every year. because we would likely not be walking if it wasn't for my cancer (not that raising funds for cancer research in general wouldn't be a cause that we wouldn't otherwise support). because it is an annual event, and anything that happens only once a year makes me very anxious thinking about the next year. because although i am so glad that we do it, part of me wishes that we didn't have to. because i wish that no one had to walk to raise funds for cancer research, because i wish that cancer didn't exist at all. because i hate cancer. because i hate that i share my life with, and that my friends and family do as well.

but all of those reasons that make it a bit bitter don't stand a chance against the 32 people that make it sweet. they are what i choose to focus on. i love my team, they look pretty great don't they? yep, they look that good in person too, even at 7:15am.


malena got the supreme stroller treatment for this 5k, but i think that next year we are going to make her be a walker and she can push us in a stroller;)
 barrett and i crossing the starting line

 our team is on their way

chris and noel carrying two of our little team members on their backs, and my sister and i goofing around taking pictures of each other
 making our way along the lake
 on the home run stretch
 crossing the finish line
the rest of our sunday was spent having some lunch at chicken robin, s'mores blizzards at dairy queen, naps, yard work, finishing printing off our 2012 pics (yay - look out 2012 album, here i come!), and down time reading. perfect way to close out the weekend.

i hope that you all chose to do something special this weekend.

happy monday, here we go again.

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