Tuesday, June 11, 2013

in the clear

all went well at the derm.

stitches out.

no biopsies.

in and out in 15 minutes, my favorite kind of appointment.

thanks for all of the good vibes and mojo - it worked! huge relief.

also, as always, please continue to send good vibes and mojo to chase, here is the latest on our little warrior and the benefit that occurred for him over the weekend:

+++ "It was a chilly, rainy start to the day yesterday, as the 36 foursomes teed off at the wilds at 12:30. The weather may have dampened the golfers, but sure did not put a damper on the spirit of the scramble. Andrew and I did our best to make the rounds and hit a ball or two with all the golfers. Everyone seemed to be having a good time, and I'm sure they felt much better about their game after witnessing my hack of a swing in person :) Midway through the day, just as the majority of our friends started arriving, the weather cleared up and the sun peeked its head out to brighten the day. Wow, what a turnout! As Lisa and I took the front stage to say a few words to our guests, we were absolutely amazed at how many smiling faces were looking back at us. It was much different than when I stood ther almost 11 years ago- the day our lifes were joined together in marriage. Yesterday there may have twice as many people in the room, but we definately felt more comfortable than we did the day we had our wedding reception in that same spot. We had a huge secret we had been keeping for some
time, that we finally got to tell, or should i say show. Chaser was
escorted into the room, and you could have heard a pin drop. I had
requested the room stay quiet, as we didnt know how he would react.
It was amazing to have 500 + people in the room and not even hear a
cough! And when they raised their glasses as Chaser exited, was priceless. You people are Awesome!!!... Chase did so good. I think he
was a little nervous, as were mom and dad, but he managed to
squeeze a little smile out. It felt really good to let people see how their
thoughts and prayers had been answered in person. After a couple
mins lisa and I took Chase for a walk in the parking lot, and then
buckled him in, and back to the hospital he went. It was sad to see him
go back to the hospital, but we know the future holds much more time
with him in public. Lisa and I, releaved and much calmer, went in and
enjoyed the rest of the incrediable evening. The scale to which people
gave-auction items, donations, thought, time, and energy to make this
night as great as it was, was off the charts. Thank you to all who
attended, donated, prepped, and had anything to do with the benifit.
We felt the love and support from all.
Chaser was worn out today from his feild trip yesterday.Therapy was a little uneventful, as he slpt through a few of the sessions. Gramma Judy is up with him tonight. They took a nice stroll outside, while Chase got to feel the warm of the above 60 breeze in his face. He continues to handle all of his meds and formula being given to him directly into his stomache through his G Tube. He is up to 55ml/hr of formula, hopefully going up to 65 tomorrow, as long as he keeps it down. We are looking forward to a good strong week of progress. Thanks again to all you for your constant support! have a great nigh. God is Good!"

happy wednesday all - make it a good one. xoxo

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  1. YEAH!!!! So glad to hear the appointment went well. You totally deserve it.