Monday, June 3, 2013

june manifesto

the email came today.

scans on july 29th, results on july 30th.

so let's see, that was about a three day break after getting the results that the lump wasn't melanoma...and the countdown begins again. ugh.

i knew the email was going to come soon, but i was kind of loving not knowing. knowing the specific dates makes me feel like the clock is ticking down, counting every second towards those big looming dates.

i am going to do a little ticking of my own. but instead of the ticking of clock hands, i am going to start ticking things off of my june manifesto list.

here is the list of fun things that i am going do in june...
+++ watch my nephew graduate college
+++ go on date nights
+++ eat dinner outside on our patio every night the weather allows
+++ feel my feet in the grass when we play
+++ start the album of pictures from 2012
+++ read books, i am almost done with the rules of inheritance and you know that i am going to write a post about it
+++ tell my story
+++ go to disneyland (sssshhh...don't tell malena, it is our little secret)
+++ buy a small trampoline, my nutrionist told me that jumping on a trampoline can help to balance lymph nodes so you know that i am trying it, need to give those lymph nodes in my chest that are abnormal all of the balancing that they can get
+++ climb
+++ drink lots of green juice
+++ try new recipes each week
+++ do our annual shore walk
+++ celebrate dads
+++ spend time in my craft room
+++ drinks tons of water
+++ go on walks
+++ send fun mail
+++ go live the day, every single day
+++ see my bf when he and his awesome wife rally home from wi

so take that july 29th and 30th.

here are a couple of things that i have loved:
+++ this post called worst end of school year mom ever was hilarious. hilarious. hilarious. hilarious.
+++ i am a sucker for list of cool links, here is a great one from kelly rae roberts full of good links
+++ i was a sucker for this list too and some of you moms might want to check out the idea book for keeping your kids entertained in the summer;)

here is the update on chaser for today - go chase go, go chase go.
+++ "I think I have to clarify something. Chase is not home for good. We got a day pass yesterday from the hospital so we were home for just a couple of hours. It was so nice to have him home even if it was just for just a short period of time. Bringing him back to the hospital was the hard part. But we both know it is just for a matter of time when he will be back for good and we will be a whole once again. Looking forward to that day but also alittle anxious. I have no doubt in my mind that we can do this and we will be great parents to Chase but medically can we do this. Will we know when something is wrong with him? What do we do when something does happen? Just alot of questions that are unanswered right now.

Today was the start of the remodel. The construction workers were here at 8 am ready to start on Chase's room. We are turning our office on the main level into his bedroom. We are just making it alittle bigger so there some extra room for the needs of Chase. It is making me sweat some. I am not one for change and man is this a big one. Some reality is sinking in. So much is happening in such a small amount of time. Not sure how to deal with it, except to just keep moving forward and take every situation as it comes. We also interviewed some agencies for PCA, Personal Care Assistance. Went very well. We are just waiting on the county to assest our situation and give us the number of hours they feel we need.

Chase had a great night last night with Grandma Sheehan. I am sure he was just exhausted from his outing and all that fresh air. That prepped him for his big day of therapy and that is exactly what that was, a big day. One of his therapist had been gone for a week and a half on vacation and her first day back was today. She was very pleased with all the swallowing he was doing and how much he has changed in just that short amount of time. His eye movements and how much he is playing around with his mouth and tongue. Today Chase especially liked strawberry applesauce. I know that is his favorite, he would always remind me to get the pink kind not the yellow applesauce. :) In PT he was on his hands and knees, not on his own of course with a pillow in between. This is the first step in our goal to teach him how to crawl. He handled it very well. Excited for another big day of therapy tomorrow and hopefully some new firsts........until tomorrow!"

happy tuesday peeps, make it a good one. as mike would say, go live the day. some great things can happen on tuesdays. you just need to make them happen. i know you can. xoxo

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  1. OMG! Are you going to that Your Story retreat?! that sounds awesome!