Tuesday, June 18, 2013


i have not caught my breath, don't expect to until i am on my way to oregon tomorrow.

in the meantime, i wanted to share the latest with chase:
+++ to see a local news story on him, click here: http://www.kare11.com/news/article/1029105/391/Family-amazed-by-4-year-old-who-nearly-drowned-and-by-community-support

also, here are some of the recent updates:
+++ "Chaser had a challenging day today. This morning he brought up most of his formula a couple times. It is apparent that the low PH level in his stomach is making it hard for him to digest the formula. With him not handling the feeds through his G-tube, and his J-tube pulled out of position, he went without any formula or meds most of the day. Regions finally squeezed him into the IR room to get his J-tube put back into place. Chase did really well. The procedure took about 10mins, but he was laying on the stiff surgical table, in the cold sterile room for about 45mins. We were worried his storms may resurface because of the low PH, lack of medicine, and stress- but nope- still storm free! He was pretty inactive in most of his therapy sessions today, except for the one I got to attend. In PT/OT the gals wanted to show me his tongue trick. So they asked him to stick his tongue out for me, it took a couple of times, but he managed to poke it out slightly for me. It was so cool to see him do that. He used to stick it out all the time at me and I would try and grab it. One of the many little parts of his awesome personality I am looking forward to seeing again some day! Tomorrow afternoon he is going back to surgery to have the g-tube/j-tube mess we have been dealing with replaced with a Mic-key button. This is a lower profile, easier to use feeding port. Although they have to put him under sedation, they have assured us it is simple procedure, with very minimal risk. Even though he has clearly been uncomfortable all day, with the exception of a few moans, and a little tension in his tone, Chaser has managed to remain in a good mood. Mom and I just came in from a walk outside, and a quick game of PIG. Being the gentleman I am, I let her win again :) - ok so maybe basketball isn't my sport..... I guess we will see you at 10 o'clock on channel 11- or should I say you will see us. Have a great night - God is good!"          
+++ "Today is the first day I have been home a full day since the kids have been out of school. Grandma Sheehan stayed at the hospital with Chase so I could get some things done around the house. I have forgotten how busy summer break can be with kids running in and out of the house, driving kids to camp or golf lessons, "mom can I have a popsicle?" for the third time, and wet swim suits. But something is missing.....my little boy. It just doesn't seem right. With all the noise going on in the neighborhood it is quite in the house. It is crazy how the spirit of a four year old can create a mood. I just really miss his laugh. Summer was Chase's favorite time of the year. Riding his bike, Valley Fair, popsicle's, riding his motorized 4 wheeler, looking at birds and trying to catch them, playing shark boy and lava girl on the swing set with Chloe and Emily and just being a typical boy. Instead he is laying in a hospital bed, just makes me sad! It is going to be a totally different kind of summer. One with new adventures and new beginnings. I am excited to get Chase home. A new summer is going to happen and we are going to make the best of this situation. Chase deserves it!!!!
Chase had an okay day. We are still messing around with his meds to figure out the right dosage. His PH has dropped again to 3.6 so we have added a another med to increase it. We added his vest treatment into his daily routine again. Chase is sounding a bit congested with fluid build up in his throat. The doctors are holding off on a chest extra until tomorrow, hoping this will all clear up. We are also waiting for a mickey button that was ordered so we can finally get rid of the J tube and just have the G. So hopefully tomorrow will be the day and we can get rid of that. We are worried about the surgery because he has to be put under but it is necessary to do in order for him to come home. I am looking forward to going to the hospital tomorrow. I miss him, not only does Chase get his daily therapy but it is good therapy for me too. I get to see all of Chase's hard work and it re-energizes me. Tomorrow night our little boy will show his face on TV. Kare 11 will air it's piece they did on Chase and our family at 10:00 on the extra. Stay tuned......."

thanks for all of the continued good vibes that you are sending to chase.

i will be back in touch after i catch my breath. xoxo

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