Tuesday, October 2, 2012

vacation, i love you so

 a couple of reasons why i am loving vacation:
+++ sleeping in.
+++ no set schedule.
+++ no blackberry.
+++ early morning runs in the sunshine taking in all of the fall colors.
+++ time in my craft room, with just my music and my imagination.
+++ eating lunch, and not working while i do it.
+++ reading a good book and the latest version of a favorite magazine.
+++ being able to plan a wednesday that is full of fun with malena.
+++ no stress.
+++ time to really dream about all of the things that i want to do.
+++ getting to spend time working on upcoming birthday party for our mom, i love party planning.
+++ slowing down.
+++ wearing flip flops, jeans, and a hat on a weekday.
+++ having a glass (or two) of reisling after dinner.
+++ listening to music.
+++ unraveling.
+++ being able to go and get spring rolls for lunch just because i feel like it.
+++ time to wander around the grocery store with malena taking in sights, sounds, and pumpkins.

all in all, vacation is pretty great so far. i also had some good news today. i went into my derm because i noticed last week that the pigment around one of my moles on my cheek was changing. he confirmed today that it was not a change that i need to be worried about.


i am too busy loving vacation to be worried.

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