Sunday, October 14, 2012

catching up

i am still catching up from getting back to work after a week off. it hasn't helped that i have been sick more than i have been well. but in between being down for the count, we have got in a bunch of fun.

+++ we made our halloween spiders
+++ we painted some halloween ghosts
+++ we went to the pumpkin patch, picked out pumpkins, went through the corn maze (multiple times), and did the rubber duck races (a million times)
+++ had breakfast at portage bay cafe (hi marcie-roo) and malena got her juice in a little coffee cup that made it look like she walking around downtown with a little espresso
+++ a lot of party planning
+++ my longest training run yet - woohoo!
+++ trying a new gluten free hard cider, so good
+++ end of fall soccer season, i will miss watching her play on the weekends

i hope that last week has treated you well, and that you too have had some fall fun.

+++ going to keep olive box in mind when i need a fun surprise package sent for some fun mail
+++ i am loving this print
+++ i totally cracked up at this patch story

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