Sunday, October 28, 2012


we had a great time celebrating my mom's 70th birthday this weekend.

highlights included:
+++ slideshow that we made of pictures of our mom from when she a baby up until now. seeing how much she loved it, the tears streaming down her face were a good indication;)
+++ getting to be home for a couple of days and not coming and going within 48 hours like we usually have to do on quick weekend trips
+++ eating my mom's great cooking (as usual), including my favorite cinnamon chip french toast. yum.
+++ seeing a ton of family and friends, some we hadn't seen in a long time
+++ lots of laughter
+++ even trips to the grocery store being fun because i was with my sister and cousin
+++ my brother's great toast to our mom 
+++ tears, the good kind
+++ 110 people singing happy birthday to our mom
+++ seeing my mom smiling and enjoying herself surrounded by so many people who love her
+++ reading the kind words that people wrote about our mom on memory cards that we had on each table
+++ a ton of compliments on my short hair from people who hadn't seen me in quite awhile - embracing the compliments, and not feeling overwhelmed by the moments when people didn't recognize me. the healing continues.
+++ funny moments with my brother and sister
+++ getting to spend time with my great nephew, how cute is he? yep, pretty cute.

monday, i am not ready for you yet. no offense, but i would like more weekend please.

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  1. You did a fantastic job with all the planning and the decorations. I must hire you the next time I need a party planner. :)