Monday, October 15, 2012


"the key is not to prioritize what's on your schedule,
but to schedule your priorities."
(stephen covey)

i have been thinking about priorities a lot lately. maybe as a byproduct of having a strong constant feeling like there just isn't enough time. so much i want to do, and the days fly by and i feel like i don't make a real dent in the list. i have been thinking a lot about my dreams, of what i really want to do when i grow up. the thought of opening an etsy shop to sell my cards keeps knocking on the door. i feel this little voice telling me that i should do it. set the goal. make it happen. feel like i just need a little time to figure it out. just a little time, seems so easy and hard at the same time.

in the last couple of nights malena has asked me to lay down with her for a few minutes after we are done reading at bedtime. so we lay there in silence, and a couple of times she has fallen asleep within a few minutes. she doesn't know that i have a million things to get done at work causing my stress level to be high, with the list continuing to climb since i was home sick with the flu today. she doesn't know that i haven't got our photos printed and organized. she doesn't know that there is a long list of things that i want to get done around our house. she doesn't know that i feel like i am never caught up. she doesn't know that i feel some dreams knocking at the door. she doesn't know that i am anxious about the email that i know will come soon in my inbox telling me the dates of my scans in january.

but she does know how it feels to have her mom lay next to her for a few minutes as she falls asleep at night.

there will never be enough time.

but i know that i have the right priority.

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