Tuesday, October 18, 2011

really, it's only tuesday?

prints courtesy of  Francesca Ramos and Stuart Thursby

this is going to be a long week i think for many reasons. i take solace in that tomorrow we will be mid way to the weekend, can't wait. in the meantime, i haven't heard back on my mri results. i hope to hear tomorrow, but will likely call to check in if i don't hear first. it has been kind of nice though not having to make doctor calls for a few days so i haven't been too anxious about it. the nightmares busted the lock and came back in. they also brought their baggage. the sleepless nights resume. ugh. that is probably the main reason i feel like the week is long, looks like i will be awake for most of it.

on the brighter side of things, one of the blogs i love - how about orange - had links for the above, free, downloadable prints. you can download them here and here.

on a kid friendly brighter side of things, another blogger i love (can you tell that i have a lot of those?) - ali edwards - posted a link on facebook today for super cute personalized childrens christmas books. pretty sure that malena will be getting one from us....er, i mean santa.

happy hump day peeps.

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