Thursday, October 13, 2011

one more

malena and i painted black cats tonight. even though black cats bring bad luck, i figured we were good since we were painting them together.

the mri is scheduled for 11:30 tomorrow (friday). i have check-in at 11 for the usual pre-test pokes and prods. if there is something new to show you regarding the scan process, i will take some pics. i am not sure when i will get the results, but will let you all know when i do. my friend josh is convinced the pain is due to one of the following: i swallowed a crayon, i swallowed a spork, or it is due to an old college drunken injury (implying that i drank in college - no clue why he would think that?). i am pretty confident none of those are the source, so am hoping the mri doesn't prove him right. i would never hear the end of it if he was right and i forgot i swallowed a spork;)

i am happy to report that i got some sleep last night. finally. not one nightmare. i so hope that i can say the same tomorrow.

right now i am all cuddled up in my most favorite blanket (thank you sasha - you gave it to me years ago for christmas) with some popcorn and project runway. my favorite thursday night combo. i have found a new love for popcorn. my parents used to make me popcorn (when you made popcorn using a popcorn maker, not a microwave) on friday nights when i was little when we watched dallas, love boat, and fantasy island together. i think that my mom still has the same white bowl we put it in and the big spoon i used to scoop it up with. oh, the good ol' days.

happy friday, our friend the weekend is almost here. felt like it took all week to get here.

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