Monday, October 24, 2011

around and around

my feet have not looked like this since july 15th last year. i have not got on my elliptical, or lifted one weight, since that day. i have either been recovering from surgery, had stitches somewhere, was nauseas, was exhausted, had muscle aches in my legs (or all of these simultaneously) - all of which made getting on my elliptical a no go for me. mentally and physically, i just couldn't get back on.

i told myself i would start working out again when i felt good. i feel like if i wait until i feel good, i might not get on before the end of the year. so i promised myself this morning that i would get back on the elliptical tonight. to ensure i kept my word to myself, i changed right from my work clothes to my workout clothes as soon as i got home. i never back out when i have my workout clothes on.

to be honest, when malena went to sleep, i did think about not working out for a minute or two. i am so tired. i just wanted to go to bed. but, i promised myself so i had to follow through.

i asked nerd to take this picture this summer so i could use it for a post. i was sure that i would get back on the elliptical right after treatment ended. you can see the july sunshine coming through the windows. i had her take the picture sooner than was needed. finally using it today, better late than never.

i look forward to getting back on the elliptical and feeling my muscles working for me instead of against me. i can definitely tell it has been a year since i have worked out, but i will keep at it, i will slowly build back up to where i stopped. if i can do interferon for year, i can get back in shape. i will need to keep telling myself that as the minutes tick by on the time clock on my machine.

when i got on the elliptical i saw the name which i had never really paid much attention to before. it now seems very fitting. i do feel a strong sense of getting into fighting shape so that i am ready to kick cancer in the you-know-what if it tries to come back. look out cancer. you won't stand a chance so don't even bother looking back in my direction. i will be prepared to take you out.

i hope that i can walk tomorrow, should probably take an aleve before i head up to give myself a head start on the soreness i am sure that i will feel.

on a totally different topic, i now know that some of you had problems being able to post comments. i think that with my amateur techie ways i have figured out to alleviate that problem. you should now be able to easily make comments. maybe i will do another giveaway soon so you can post a comment to see if you can win. woohoo.

goodbye monday, hello tuesday. wednesday, you are so close.