Friday, October 14, 2011


today was mri day. we did do an iv so i got poked, i got to taste saline four times in total (pretty sure you are now clear on how i feel about that), and the mri itself took an hour to do. since the pain is on my right side, i had to have my arm above my head the entire time for the test so that my arm didn't block the area they needed to look at. my arm hurt so bad by the time we were done. my arm is still really sore now. thankfully the tech took pity on me about 30 minutes in and brought me a little pillow to help prop my arm which did help, but didn't help enough to stop the pain. this machine was different than the pet scan in that it is smaller so my face was literally like one or two inches from the top of the tube. 

the good part of the mri was that i got to listen to music the entire time i was in the machine which was awesome. my tech  - eric - let me pick the music from a list that they had. i picked "heart" because i had not heard their songs forever, and figured that two awesome ladies belting in my ears would be good mojo for me for the hour i would in the tube. i was right, loved the music, and have renewed my love for "heart" - hence the title of this blog which is the name of one of their songs. eric appreciated my pick too and rocked it out with me while he did the scan. i asked him what cd he dreads being picked, he said the beatles. sorry beatles fans, but like eric, i would rather have no music and the mri sounds blasting in my ears than the beatles. a guy before me rocked it out to def leppard. by rocking it out, i mean laying still and mentally rocking out since you can't move during the mri. but, i could atleast pretend and keep myself entertained - the music definitely made the hour go faster. thanks eric, you made that as fun as possible, i laughed multiple times which is rare during scans.

no time for a blue moon burger today (boohoo) but did have time for picking up my cinnamon bears so my eating habits after the test were not totally disrupted. whew.

i am not sure yet when i will hear from my doc on the mri results, but i would expect to hear something next week for sure. when i know, you will know.

i am very happy to report that i have now had two nights of no nightmares. i think that i heard them packing up and heading out the door this morning, i put a new lock on the door so they can't get back in. let's see if they catch the clue.

if you are looking for something fun to do this weekend, check out these ghost cookies - adorable! marta writes is one of my very most favorite blogs for a million different reasons. it is a piece of inspiration/creativeness every day. can't say enough.

on the happiest note of the day, we added a new baby boy to our family today - congrats andy and kathy, can't wait to meet the little man - love you guys.

if you see those nightmares hitchhiking along the road, don't pick them up, no matter how sad and lonely they may look. it may not look like it, but they carry a lot of baggage.

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