Thursday, October 27, 2011

bubble wrap

i wish that when my friends were hurting i could wrap them up in bubble wrap to protect them from the pain. it is tough for me to see my friends hurting. short of being able to completely protect them, the best i can do is love them and support them. i happily do so.

ideally, i would be able to give one of these pieces of art to my friends when they are hurting.

i found this piece on jennifer lyon's etsy site and had to have it. i had seen a version of this in a pottery barn catalog, but is was just part of the background on a layout and not an actual item they sold. lame. when i saw the saying, it connected with me. i needed a reminder that even when things seem pretty tough, there can be a little bit of hope. i hit the jackpot when i found this one on etsy. i immediately hung it in my front room so i would see it every morning when i walked (sometimes very slowly) down the stairs.

since last week many of you weren't able to comment, and i think that i have fixed that problem, i am going to do another card giveaway this weekend. if you leave a comment on the blog by 5pm sunday, you will be entered into the giveaway. just like last week, i will send the cards, with stamped envelopes. here are three cards, i will add another bonus one in in the mix. the photo card is a denise hamilton (aka nerd) original. good luck peeps.

friday - i have really missed you since last week. so happy that we are back together again.


  1. I'd like some bubble wrap please. I love the quote and will take it to heart today. Love you Ali! -Sasha

  2. Group hug ladies! - Ann

  3. As the winner of the first round,I suggest you all get your comments in. The cards are great.

  4. I am so grateful for your blog and for having you in my life. Loves!!

  5. I would like to wrap you in bubble wrap too. :)
    See you next weekend. Wahoo!!

  6. Okay, I'm commenting again. I accidentally did it from my work account a second ago.