Saturday, July 30, 2011


i got the call late yesterday and it was good news. my right arm biospy was clear - no follow up needed. my left arm did not come back clear, but it isn't melanoma (insert huge sigh of relief here). he told me the name of the type of mole but all i heard hear him say is "it isn't melanoma" and then i couldn't focus on the other details. although the perimeters of the area removed for the biopsy are clear (i.e., he thinks that he got the abnormal area within the area removed for the biopsy), he wants to take more out in that area to be very confident he got it all. works for me. though this all means that i will get poked by needles again, i consider it more than a fair trade.

my dear friend kimberly just happened to be with me when the call came yesterday and i saw my phone light up with my derm's number. so ironic since she was with me last year when i got the the call. i looked at kimberly and told her it was my derm and said "here we go". i was so happy to not be alone when i got the call. i know she was sweating what he would say as much as i was.

i will get all of the info on my left arm when i go back in the next week. i hope that these results will start a run of good luck coming into my scans in august. i have already thought about whether that call yesterday was the only good news i am going to get for a while. i only let that thought creep in for a little bit and then i kicked it to the curb.

today i am going to breathe  easier, watch cartoons with malena, go to the park, eat some cherries, definitely some ice cream, and do whatever else we want to. the day is ours.

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