Sunday, July 10, 2011

finding equilibrium

i never really thought about having a blog, but truth be told, i hadn't really thought about a lot of things before july 16th last year. on that day, i received the news that i had been diagnosed with stage III metastatic melanoma and my world came crashing down. exactly one week later, i had surgery at UW to remove the melanoma and one lymph node. within weeks, i started high-dose interferon treatments at seattle cancer care alliance, one dose five days a week for four weeks. following that, i started a regimen of interferon that includes doing shots of interferon three times a week at home. in total, i will have done a year of treatment when i do my last shot in august. the interferon comes with many side effects, which i am sure will be a topic of a blog at some point. my next round of scans will be in august. my last scans showed a spot on my left lung (we don't know what that spot is at this point), and so fingers are crossed that the spot has not increased when i get those upcoming results. that is a very quick background for what seems like a very long story.

as i approach the one year anniversary of my diagnosis, and continue to dig deep to get through the treatments, there seems to be many things that i want/need to say, and i figured that a blog may be a good way for me to do that. i have no clue what i am doing, but if you are reading this, i must have done something right;)

i am excited to start this blog and see where it takes me.....i don't know where life or this blog is going to take me, but i would love to have you along for the ride.

xo, alli


  1. I'm on board the blog! I don't follow anyone on Twitter (don't even know how to tweet), and I don't know anything about Facebook beyond what I learned from watching "The Social Network", but I can follow you blogging Alli. Rooting you on this new venture. Ann

  2. I'll ride with you anywhere! Love you!

  3. I second what Jen said! Love you!

  4. Giddy up, I will always ride with ya.

  5. Such a great idea! Life takes us where it's supposed to take us. It may not be what we ever planned and it may be much more difficult than we ever expected (let's face it, who ever imagines the difficult times, right?), but it is what it should be....the good, the bad and the downright ugly. We are blessed by the good, we are humbled by the bad and we are strengthened by the ugly. You are the strongest person I know Alli and every day you become stronger. You are beautiful and amazing! I love you so much and of course miss you as always! Love and Hugs, Marcie