Sunday, July 24, 2011

it's that time again

tomorrow i go in for my 6 month dermatologist appointment - i am on a 6 month rotation with him now, more often if i see something suspicious. every time i go in to that office i feel like it is last summer again. i am anxious for the appointment because he could say there are some moles that he wants to biopsy, and if he does that, i will be poked and stitched, then the waiting comes for the results. i could get lucky and he will say he doesn't need to biopsy anything, if he does, i think i will get a lottery ticket on my way home because that hasn't happened once since i first met him last year.

though anxious, i am less anxious for this appointment than i am for the scans that are coming up in august but are yet to be scheduled. atleast with my derm, he is looking at my skin which i can also see - and i am now on constant surveillance of my skin. but, with a lot of moles and freckles, it is tough to remember every nuance of every mole and that drives me a bit crazy. i have a few that i will specifically be asking him about.

i would be very happy to leave the appointment tomorrow and not have any more scars on my stomach, arms, back - or any other part of my body - and most importantly, to not have to wait on results.

fingers crossed.

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