Wednesday, July 13, 2011

what's in a name

when i was thinking about starting a blog, i talked to my good friend rob and told him about my idea. after confirming he didn't think it was the worst idea he had ever heard, i asked him for some suggestions on the name because i hadn't come up with something that i thought was the perfect fit. he came up with a great list (thanks rob), but i chose "alli's equilibrium" because it is about balance. i don't expect every blog will have a cancer focus, although cancer probably affects everything in my life to some extent - in ways i might not even realize. so, between all of the things that i may blog about, i hope that overall there is balance between happy and sad, funny and get the picture. 

speaking of pictures....since the last two days the balance has been tipped in favor of nausea (more so than my standard 24/7 nausea), i decided to include one of my new favorite pics. one of malena's favorite games right now is "chase me, chase me" (also known as "chase you, chase you" if she is the chaser). this pic is from last saturday when we had an open field to play in at a park near our house. my sister denise got this shot. in that moment, i was just having fun, and not thinking about how crappy i felt. i love this picture and i loved that moment.

my sister denise (who i call nerd, and will likely refer to as nerd from this point forward on the blog) will be providing pics along the way for me. super excited to have my own blog photographer...i am a lucky girl.

* photo by denise hamilton


  1. I love the name of the blog - it's perfect! And I love the photo - a very happy moment! Malena is getting so big! :)

  2. Love the name too. I keep staring at the photo - it's wonderful. Ann