Thursday, July 28, 2011

final shipment

today i got my last shipment of interferon to get me through the end of treatment. last weekend when they called i realized that would be the last time that i would have to go through the drill of ordering my next month's shipment. honestly, every four weeks when my phone would light up with the pharmacy's number i never wanted to answer. but, i did, because having to call back and wait when i am like the 100th customer would suck even worse. everytime they ask me "would you like to refill your prescription?" there was this little part of me that for less than a second wanted to say no - especially on days like today when i was down for the count all day due to nausea - but i kept on signing up for another month. so here we are, on the last shipment, which signals the transition that will occur over the next month as treatment ends. treatment ending makes me happy, anxious, fearful, unsure, scared, and a mix of other emotions and depending on the minute, i feel some of those emotions more than others. let the shot countdown begin.

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