Sunday, October 30, 2016

weekend + here we go

our weekend was a good one.

catching up on 'the voice' and 'project runway' - love them both. reading. sleeping in. sauna appointment. green teas. finding the perfect sweatshirt at target. time in the hot tub. camp out nights. baking with malena. getting in a run/walk on both days. today i ran farther than i did yesterday, and yesterday i ran farther than i did last weekend. it was like my legs started to kick in and say "oh yeah, i think that we remember how to do this. just keep giving us some time to practice." having family up to celebrate my mom's birthday. lots of laughter with my family. getting to watch mom blow out the candles on another healthy year for her.
pumpkin carving with her and my dad. looking at our four pumpkins all lit up and loving them. watching the world series. eating good food. watching a powerpoint (she knows computers better than her mom) that malena made that was all about things that she loves.

so many good things.

so tomorrow (monday) morning we go in at 9:30 to get the scan results.

since tomorrow is my mom's birthday i can only think that will bring me good luck. it has to, right? right.

so we will know how these five rounds of treatment have gone. are the tumors larger? are the tumors smaller? are the tumors the same size? if they are smaller, i think that my oncologist will say that we should stay the course and stay on the same treatment cycle of the same drug every two weeks. if the tumors have grown or are the same size, i think that he will say that we will introduce in the second drug to the treatment cycle starting with my next round.

only time will tell. 12 hours from right now we will be sitting in the office waiting to get the results.

12 long hours.

but in between that time, midnight will come and my mom will turn one year older. and for that i am super thankful, regardless of what happens tomorrow. it means that we have got to have her with us for another year, and have so much more to look forward to in the year to come (and beyond). so for that, i am thankful to october 31st.

tomorrow will also bring the chance to celebrate halloween with malena, go to her party at school, and walk our tiger around for trick or treating tomorrow night. those are all really good things to look forward to tomorrow.

thanks for all of the good thoughts and vibes. i will write an update here tomorrow as soon as i can after my appointment.

anywhere i fight, you fight. xo

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  1. Best of luck tomorrow. We're thinking about you and sending you all the good energy!!! Happy Halloween...👻.