Tuesday, October 4, 2016

round three

round 3 is in the books.

my bloodwork was good yesterday and all of my organs are cooperating. which is of course really good news.

so we were a go for the infusion.

we are going to do scans again on 10/28 and will see what is going on with the tumors. if they are shrinking, we may stay the course. if they have stayed the same or increased, we may start in with the second drug again. we will cross that bridge when we get the results on the 31st.

the side effects continue. a lot of swelling and pain in both of my legs and feet. i got some meds prescribed yesterday to hopefully start to decrease that, i am really hoping that they work. i am also hoping that they don't have side effects of their own. i can only hope.

my saliva glands have for some reason stopped working so my mouth is pretty much like a desert, even when i am eating. we have no idea why that is happening but it is a drag. so i am drinking a ton of water and tea everyday and have started using lemon drops to try to help a bit.

i am still really, really tired which is why i haven't wrote much (or at all) in this space in the last two weeks. i have been going to bed earlier than normal (my brother will love that) and so i have not had the energy to write or stay up any later than i have to.

but i do miss this space so I hope to get back to it more often.

i hope that your days have all been good, and thanks for all of the mojo and good vibes -- my liver and kidneys and i all thank you):

happy wednesday, we are half way there peeps.

ps) rozanne - great minds think alike, saw your comment just as i started to write this;) xo


  1. Woot woot for cooperative organs! Booo for salivary glands going on strike. Love and mouthwatering vibes, Hannah. Xxx

  2. I just said a prayer for your salivary glands. Why not? Thanks for posting, Missed you.