Friday, October 28, 2016

scans + round 5

today will be a long day.

i check in this morning to get bloodwork done through my port.

then i go through the scan process, you all know how much i love that. the contrast that makes me sick. the ceiling tiles, hoping i get the room with the windows again.

after i am through with the scans, i check in for my infusion assuming my bloodwork is ok.

i was supposed to have my next infusion on monday after we get scan results. but the timing of the infusion was too close to the time i am supposed to be a halloween party at malena's school. and there was no way i was going to risk not making it to her party on time due to infusions. so i worked with my scheduler to see if we could get it in today. i felt like i was going to already feel like total crap coming out of scans, so why not just add an infusion to it  and make it one long day.

i am still waiting for my oncologist to give me the final approval on the switch to today, but i would surprised if he was not ok with the plan for some reason. i will take it as it comes.

monday morning we will get results from the scans. these will be big. will we see whether the tumors have shrunk due to the treatment? will they be the same size? will they have grown? ugh. so many different possibilities, i am sure you know which one i am hoping for.

i will let you know how today goes.

thanks for all of the good thoughts and mojo you continue to send our way.

anywhere i fight, you fight.


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