Monday, October 24, 2016

make it one more

"take a shower. wash off the day. drink a glass of water. make the room dark.
lie down and close your eyes. notice the silence. notice your heart. still beating. still fighting.
you made it, another day and you can make it one more.
you're doing just fine."
(charlotte eriksson)

for a monday, lots to be thankful for:

+++ for my friend kris's mom judy (who i have wrote about here before) making it successfully through a 9.5 hour surgery today which was a follow up procedure due to some complications from previous surgeries related to cancer that she has successfully fought. she is a tough cookie so i know that she will make it through this recovery as well as she has the previous times she had to rebound from surgery. but please send your good vibes and prayers to vancouver and to judy and her family as she moves forward. you can do this judy, that i know for sure.

+++ for laughter with malena on our way to school today.

+++ for green tea.

+++ for my sauna appointment that always makes me feel a bit better.

+++ for the start of a new book, and liking the ones that i have recently read which included a man called ove (one of my favorite books i have read in a long time) and love warrior (so good and so happy i bought this one so i don't have to take it back to the library) and sweetbitter (couldn't put it down towards the end).

+++ talking to my mom

+++ nice text messages on my phone and emails in my inbox

+++ finding the perfect addition to our home

+++ the woman at the local mail store telling me that they wouldn't charge me more than the post office would to mail my package to my nephew because they don't take profits on packages going to military service members

+++ malena's homework officially starting for 2nd grade and her being super excited to do reading, spelling, and math problems. reminded me of how much i loved studying for spelling tests when i was a kid. the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

+++ avocado toast for breakfast

it was a good one. hello tuesday.

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