Friday, October 28, 2016

the day

long day.

when we went to the store this morning to get my cinnamon bears (superstitious tradition on scan day) the store was out.

i then went to three more stores.

no cinnamon bears.

then the tears started to fall because when my routines get off on scan days it throws me way off my game. luckily my kind husband let me come home to get ready to head to seattle and he then went on a bear mission and was successful. i knew that i kept him around for a reason;)

i got called back for bloodwork as soon as i got there. i got one of my favorite nurses this time and i really like him. so i thought that was a good sign for the day. i got my litocaine shot in my chest to numb the area for them to put the iv into my port. after they took all of the needed blood, they flushed my port (which is when they inject saline into it to clean it out) and i knew it was working because i could taste the saline in my mouth like always.

i drank everything i needed to and then headed back for the scan.

i did not get the room with windows. i got the room with those damn ceiling tiles. that was not a good sign.

this was my first scan with my port. so when they injected the contrast into my port it moved through my body so much faster than it did when the iv was in my arm. i had to take a ton of deep breaths because the nausea came on so much faster this time - makes sense since the port is connected to my main bloodstream.

we waited per usual to make sure that i didn't have a reaction and then the nurse flushed my port line again. 

we grabbed some lunch. by that time it was about 11:3o and since i had not been able to eat since last night i was really hungry.

we then checked in for my infusion. after my meds arrived and my nurse got the infusion going, we both took a nap. i was out like a light. i have not got a lot of sleep this week and was so tired at that point i could barely keep my eyes open.

i woke up to the beeping of the machine indicating that the infusion of the meds were over. then the nurse connects some saline and other liquids up to flush my port again which takes about another 10 minutes. the infusion itself takes an hour once it is connected to my port and started.

so we left around 2 and headed to a favorite bakery to get a little treat for the drive home.

we got home and i had to check in on work quick, and then i crashed again for a couple of hours.

i now feel really tired and the usual feeling of bloated and not feeling well. my body was pumped with so many liquids today that i just feel super sluggish. should feel a little better by the morning hopefully.

thanks for all of the good thoughts and love coming our way. we really appreciate it.

have a good weekend peeps, make it a good one. we plan to.


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  1. Hate the crap you are going through, love your humor and your shirt! Sending tons of positive thoughts and mojo in your direction!