Sunday, April 24, 2016

homeward bound

well i am up in the clouds again while i write.

we are flying towards home.

and i am feeling all the feelings this time around.

because i know that not only does our normal routine begin again bright and early in the morning, but that i will likely hear from the doctor's office this week on insurance clearances and timing of starting treatment.

but that will come when it comes, so i am going to soak up these final hours of this vacation.

we had this vacation on the books for quite a while now, and even with a ton of complications that came up in the last couple of weeks, we stuck it out and we made it happen.

although we have so much going on right now with the houses and everything else, we figured that this would be our only chance to get a vacation in before treatment starts so the timing seemed exactly right (minus all those complications we had to conquer to make it happen). we won't be able to plan another vacation until we know more about the road that lies ahead.

so we spent the last couple of days with barrett's aunt and uncle (hi steve and terry) in north carolina and it was great.

as you know from my earliest post, we got to walk along the beach. we got great sleep (i seriously think i got more sleep during the last 4 nights than i have in the last month. no kidding. that place was magic for me, and i had no nightmares). we climbed lighthouses. we saw wild turtles in their element which was so cool. we learned about the history of the lifesaving stations. we walked on the field where the wright brothers first flew a plane. we ate great seafood. we saw wild horses roaming free and that was pretty incredible. we saw amazing sand dunes, beautiful marshes, and neverending blue water. and we laughed. a lot. we totally relaxed. it was the perfect vacation for us at exactly the right time.

so onward we will go this week. our house will be listed, we will keep our fingers crossed for offers. we have fun things to look forward to. a cooking class for malena. our first mariner's game of the year.

i hope that your week ahead includes some fun as well. if not, find it. it can be as close to find as you want it to be.

you just have to want to look for it.

happy monday peeps. here we go.

anywhere i fly, you fly.

homeward bound we go.


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  2. Your vacation sounds magical~exactly as it should be

  3. All smiles when I think about your vacation adventure. Perfection.