Wednesday, February 4, 2015

hello february

bringing in february with some big goals.

exercise - that is a given.

see a movie with barrett, it has been forever since we have done that - and i have some oscar nominees that i really want to see (do i have to let him have a say in what we see? i think that we all know the answer to that).

getting disneyland pics into the album, which will make me want to fly right back down to the magic kingdom and do it all over again.

happy mail - another given.

signing up for a half marathon - yep, planning to go for it -- 13 miles in june. more on that to come.

getting a house to do crossed off the list - carpet cleaning appointment, because let's be honest, life can't be ciders and movies all the time. or can it? hmmm...maybe i need to rethink that theory.

bring more juicing back into the routine to add to the morning smoothie routine.

finish reading "unbroken" - can't wait to see how it turns out.

i am a huge fan of the oscars - and the speeches, those are my favorite. so i figured why not make it a really good goal and drink a cider and eat popcorn while i am doing it. you know, good old fashioned multi-tasking. i am all over it. and, i will probably do it while wearing my favorite fleece pants and sweatshirt. it will be a home run of goals my friends, because that is how i roll and i go big.

my dad turns 70 this month, so snapping a pic with him to celebrate is my favorite goal of the month. hands down. love that guy.

i am planning on some qt on my dream couch with green tea and a magazine. this will be a tough one folks, but if i dig in and really focus, i think that i can get it done.

i have some great artwork that malena has done that i want to get into a binder so that we can look at it, instead of having it in an envelope that never allows it to be looked at. really excited for this one.

last but not least, eat a gluten free girl scout cookie. they are new, so of course i need to do some quality control right? someone has to do it, so i will take one for the gluten free team. or maybe i will take a whole box if all goes well.

so february, i am coming for you my friend. we have a lot to get done.

in the words of my friend kerry...let's do this.

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