Monday, February 16, 2015

burnt and broken


every sunday ali edwards posts a quote on her blog. it is part of the way that she is honoring her word "give" in 2015.

this quote that she posted yesterday has been one of my very favorites since the first time that i read it.

i think that it is so true.

i know that for me, especially in the times when i am feeling burnt and broken, sending love out into the world makes things a little bit easier. it makes me feel a little more human, and a little less like some potential statistic that is trying her very best to beat time.

if you need a little inspiration every sunday, check out ali's blog. she also has a great list to remind you of ways that you can give, and you can download that list at

feel your life while you are in it.

i do my best to make that happen each and every day.

i hope that you do too.


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